Our Product Return Policy

Product returns are important for customer satisfaction and business continuity. The following rules and processes have been created to facilitate returns:

1) Return Procedure:

The sales representative must check the returned producs with the customer and collect them himself.

A return form must be filled in for products to be returned.

Returns must be made taking into account the price and purchase date of the products.

The customer’s current account code and the reason for the return should be written on the back of the return invoice. For customers with branches, separate returns must be received for each branch.

Products for which a return invoice is issued must be sent to the warehouse within 5 days.

The shipping cost of the products to be returned must be paid by the customer.


2) Return Process:

The products to be returned must be registered in the system.


3) Return Period:

The return period for aftermarket and PSA OEM products is 15 days from the invoice date.


 4) Returns Not Accepted:

In PSA, OEM and Aftermarket products; Returns of ligthting, bodywork, glass, and liquid chemical products that are intact or damaged/broken during transportation are not accepted.


5) Robust Products:

Products with worn packaging, a note written on it, torn bags, or missing package quantities are not accepted.


6) Invoice and Parcel Arrangements:

Defective and intact products should be sent on separate invoices and in separate parcels.


7) Special Orders:

Returns of original and aftermarket products brought by special order are not accepted. In addition, products brought by special order cannot be returned for products with an annual sales quantity of less than 10.


8) Documentation:

For the return of defective products, the documents requested by the supplier companies must be sent in full.


9) Discount:

If the customer receives a cash, credit card and turnover premium discount, this discount must be deducted from the returned products.


10) Refund Limits:

Refunds made by customers within the monthly turnover should not exceed 2% of the turnover.


11) Missing Product Notification:

If there is a missing product among the products sent by cargo, the missing product must be notified to the returns department by e-mail within the same day.


12) No Questions Refund:

If the returned product is not one of the products sold by our company, the refund will be issued without any questions.


13) Rejection Answer:

If a rejection response is received from the relevant company for returned defective products, the customer will be invoiced again.


14) Product Shipment:

All returned defective products will be sent to Adana central warehouse by a salesperson.


15) Safe Product Delivery:

Returned intact products must be delivered to the branch to which the salesperson is affiliated.

Refunds are made in accordance with these rules and processes. We look forward to your cooperation for customer satisfaction and business continuity.